6 Common Misconceptions About KingdomPreneurship

Along my business journey, I have heard a lot of differing opinions concerning Christians in business. Today I want to dispel six common misconceptions:

1. KingdomPreneurs should work with anyone❌

This seems to be rooted in the desire to be kind and fair to everyone. However it is counterproductive to work with someone if they are not a good fit; it also isn’t fair to them! It can be tough enough to run an efficient business without having to work around those not fit or qualified for their jobs (in the case of hiring staff).

2. KingdomPreneurs should say ‘yes’ to any request❌

You may get lots of requests for sponsorship or excessive amounts of freebies. Whilst I believe we should try to accommodate requests where we can, to say yes to virtually any and every request is impossible. There are times when the only wise answer is, “No” and KingdomPreneurs must accept this and not be overcome with guilt.

3. KingdomPreneurs should never fire anyone❌

The Bible says that we should forgive 70 x 7, but it also says wisdom is the principle thing! Sometimes people working for us will get things wrong, make poor decisions or generally act in a way that results in them needing to be let go. If this is the case, we have to do it!

4. KingdomPreneurs should giveaway and not charge❌

I honestly believe that because Christians are supposed to be charitable, people think that we are to be charitable all the time.. with everything.. including our businesses! Sadly, this results in many KingdomPreneurs struggling with charging appropriately and making poor financial and business decisions. Yes we should give where we can and help those in need however not to the detriment of our businesses; we cannot afford to!

5. KingdomPreneurs should never confront anyone❌

Confrontation may not be easy but sometimes it is necessary. In actuality, KingdomPreneurs should be the best at confrontation because we have a Biblical blueprint to follow. Keep in mind that often the only way to bring about resolution is to address an issue.

6. KingdomPreneurs should sit back and just pray❌

So often the phrase, “I’m praying about it” is an excuse for complacency (controversial I know!). As KingdomPreneurs of course we are to pray but after we have prayed, we are to act! Further, we are to work hard and drive for excellence in our business “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” Colossians 3:23

I hope as you read this that you have not fallen into any of these misconceptions but if you have, let today be a new day for you as you renew your mind and seek to walk in truth!

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